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Line 36: Line 36:
  ;PLAY:  Bit 2 = start and stop  ;PLAY:  Bit 2 = start and stop
  ;SYNC:  Bit 3 = clock pulses  ;SYNC:  Bit 3 = clock pulses
- lda #%00001100 ;New appr+ lda #%00001100
  sta $dd01 ;Set pulse on  sta $dd01 ;Set pulse on
Line 43: Line 43:
  ;Now clear the SYNC bit (but not the PLAY bit)  ;Now clear the SYNC bit (but not the PLAY bit)
- lda #%00000100 ;PLAY SIGNAL ON, but sync pulse off.. + lda #%00000100 
- sta $dd01 ;Always set pulse off directly+ sta $dd01
 </code> </code>
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