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All sorts of creations involving defMON.


Please upload some work tunes here, that people can load into the editor to learn from. (To upload stuff, log in, then click “edit this page” in the sidebar to the right on this page and then, once you're in the actual editor, press the icon that looks like a framed painting to get into file upload thingy. You may need to zip the file before uploading.) Don't forget to add credits!

  • Lola by Scannerboy

Packed tunes

If you want to share tunes that are packed, you can put them up here. Packed tunes are executable files that can still be played on the C64, but that can't be loaded into the editor anymore.

C64 productions with defMON music

  • My Beauty - The first released production to contain defMON music
  • In Memory of - Another demo by Hollowman with Goto80 music
  • Music disk - …named “_​|​ ̄​|​○”, by Goto80


A hardware cartridge released as a GOTO80 album on Datadoor, where defMON was used to create the music.

Various stuff on Youtube




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