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defMON wiki

This is the home of defMON — a music editor for the Commodore 64. There is no official support for the program, and even no official manual, but at least there is this wiki that allows defMON operators to act in a collaborative fashion for the sake of accumulation of information. Occasionally the author of the program may add some info as well, but that should be considered a bonus.

Contributions to the site are encouraged. Just register and go ahead!

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MIDI/DIN/LSDj/Nanoloop/etc hardware sync interface

A MIDI/DIN/LSDj/Nanoloop/etc hardware sync interface for defMON is now available for sale from Scannerboy at

Overview of defMON

The sequence editor (sedEd) on the major part of the screen and the list of sequences (seqLIST) to the right: seqED and seqLIST

The sound editing table (the sidTAB), where all sounds are made: sidTAB

The disk menu: Disk menu

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